At Chegg students who are at higher school and college level have many awesome things to do. Chegg provides online renting textbooks both physical and ebooks, online tutorials-, internships, and scholarships. The main aim of Chegg is to provide education any time for the students.The students can get educated by the tutors who are highly efficient in their area of expertise. This is just an introduction and a lot to be known about Chegg.

Renting textbooks online:

The students can rent textbooks online, instead of buying and can save a lot of money.A student can save up to 90 percent of their money by renting the books.A new semester should not empty the pockets of the student, this is the best opportunity for the students to avail books just for the duration of the semester and when the semester gets completed the student can simply return the book.In case if the student wants to keep the book then he can buy the same. The student can return the rented book by sending it back to the shipment label address where it came from.The return shipping charges are already prepaid.Students should keep in mind that they are not the only one that rents the book so it is better not to highlight anything in the book. The student should also maintain the rented book very carefully. During the shipping time, the student can have free seven days access to anĀ online book of the same version that is sent for shipping. This saves a huge amount of time for students, they can even start learning before their desired book gets delivered.

Online tutors at Chegg:

Chegg provides online tutors. These tutors are recruited from top universities who has a vast knowledge of their respective subject. And these tutors are available at any time. You can get a tutor even at any odd time.They are not only available and can also solve your issues. These tutors can enhance the subject of the students at college or high school level.Tutors at Chegg as mentioned earlier are highly proficient in the field of their expertise, this what makes them very useful to the students.

Chegg services:

  • Online tutors and their tutorials.
  • Provides books for the rental purpose.
  • provides books for buying online.
  • Provides solutions for different textbooks.
  • Facilitates the availability of tutors any time.
  • Provides internships for the students.
  • Offers scholarships for the students.
  • e-books are available.
  • The students can post questions and they will be replied with a perfect solution.
  • Helps students to get admission into top level colleges.

An internship adds to the qualification of the students while getting a job, Here at Chegg the student can avail internships from the companies which are eager to offer them. There are over 75k companies waiting for the students to apply.


About Chegg:

Chegg is based in California and was created by Lowa state university students in 2001 with help of entreprenuer Aayush Phumbhra. The word Chegg is the combination of the words chicken and egg. The name came from the of the three students that there would be no job without experience and experience can’t be gained without job similar to chicken and egg situation.